HD-770 USB Cable

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HD-770 is the MPS in 2014 summer new high-end USB digital cable, designed for Hi End Audio and students. Using a single crystal OCC copper material, a digital one group, the way a group of independent power transfer news sources. For the sake of pure transmit signals within the core HD-770 uses high-end insulation material to do outside of PPE is. Use PVC and isolation of double isolation method produced more connectors using MPS newly developed high-end HD-021. The connector itself is not magnetic material sense than the market 95% of the high conductivity of homogeneous products 200%. As well as high-end gold-plated HD-019USB female. Regulate the production process according to INTEL. HD-770 has a pure sound performance and exceptional knot like the force, as well as cohesion strong low-frequency performance, is rare in the current market superior quality USB audio cable. Most importantly, the price is still pro approachable.

Jacket OD: 8.5mm * 4.5mm + -2mm

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