Copper Colour – COAX-BE Beryllium alloy Coaxial Cable

COPPER COLOUR beryllium copper alloys use the high quality in the purification of high-purity copper single crystal copper The process is made on the basis of the alloy, is specially designed for hi-fi and production. About CCOAX-BE of pot lines, because the purification process requirements and alloy conductor at about -150 to 180 degrees freezing. So, as with other types of products, take some time to burn lines. Voice might sound really nothing worth mentioning places. After the huge open burning in low frequency, low frequency chewiness, in full and have a thickness of the band, high-frequency performance is relatively restrained both delicate and soft plain, wide sound field. Recommended length of 1.5 m is determined according to sound style product.

Technical data:

  • AWG17 Beryllium Solid Core Conductor
  • shielding facter : Copper braided shielding & Aluminum foil
  • conductor insulation : Teflon
  • PVC jacket :8mm diameter
  • Pure 75 ohm
  • Cable shielding facter : Cloth braided shielding
  • O.D : 8 mm
  • CC RCA2 Gold Plated Hi-End RCA Plug
  • Hi -speed transmit for digital.
  • This cable need 180 hr run in

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