X-9 Leopard (3.5mm-2RCA)

Following the foot steps of X-5 and X-7 Leopard, MPS  produce another high end 3.5mm – 2RCA signal line,  X-9 Leopard currently is the highest quality  3.5mm-2RCA in their X-series Cables. Using the MPS newly developed Fish-4B Advanced RCA terminals and newly developed head Sword Tiger 3.5mm terminals Head into internal wiring using 6N OCC copper and in a manner independent of output per channel dual parallel arrangement, the production of welded joints produced some even use lead-free solder containing silver

The core uses 21 pieces  0.06MM OCCS (single crystal copper plated silver) and 40 pieces 0.05MM OCC, the use of such a small copper wire in order to X-9 in the high-frequency more sharp, more prominent details, the charm is more quiet.

Applications (i Pod, Walkman, mobile phone, PC or MAC computer headset amplifier, active speakers or other electronic mixer Mixer devices)

Line Body OD: 4 * 8mm + -1mm