X-5 Leopard (3.5mm to 2RCA)


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Following the X-3MK2 selling in the market, MPS launched a new design of 5N Silver Plated X-5Leopard to replace the X-3MK2 X-5Leopard
Goal is to produce the highest order of 3.5mm on the market for 2RCA signal line, he used the Fish-4B Advanced RCA head terminal MPS newly developed and newly developed Sword Tiger 3.5mm internal wiring terminal head made more use of MPS exclusive X-5 silver dense tangles (This construction method to be wrapped in a special machine and quite time-consuming production of every single strand of wire forming molding time is generally about five times as long time, which is six strands of copper wire molding time is generally 30 times time, this way the design has its advantages is that the dual advantages of both silver and copper (silver resolving power clean, warm and low-frequency performance with a Power but no sense of both copper shortcomings)

Then arranged in parallel in a manner independent dual outputs per channel, the production of welded joints produced some even use lead-free solder containing silver

Applications (i Pod, Walkman, mobile phone, PC or MAC computer headset amplifier, active speakers or other electronic mixer Mixer devices)

Line Body OD: 4 * 8mm + -1mm

Cable Review click below

X-5 Leopard Review

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