SoundTech MC2 Headphone

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MC2 earphone’s housing made using Argentina Green sandalwood , very simple classical flavor and texture . Argentina Green sandalwood texture clear looking, natural permanent smell. When you listen MC2 ,  you can feel a touch of sandalwood taste MC2 wooden arena retains the natural texture of wood , only doing polishing process without the use of any paint. Green sandalwood slow growth rate , every piece of timber more than a hundred years of age to become useful. Green sandalwood  also known as incense , located in South America and is Argentina best quality green sandalwood.

MC2 first beam using the German first layer of small yellow hand-stitched leather , rugged yet refined . Very mature calm feeling .

MC2 weighs only 180 grams , earmuffs very soft , extremely comfortable to wear , no problem on prolonged listening
MC2 custom 4N OFC headphone cable and gold -plated thickness 6.35 Adaptor .

MC2 supporting two different thickness of the sponge cover ear sound as trimming purposes .
– Thick sponge cover loose atmosphere low frequency , high frequency extension slender. More lively and assertive sound .
 – Thin sponge cover strong and powerful low-frequency , IF thick Run Naiting . Sound more feminine restrained .
According to your personal preferences and the front-end equipment to go with the sense of hearing.

MC2 impedance of 32 ohm , sensitivity of 96dB, extremely easy to drive and work well with mobile phone.
MC2 is a great sense of music headphones , very balanced and accurate sound warm thick lip .

Impedance : 32 ohm
Sensitivity : 96dB
Frequency response : 16Hz-22KHz
Unit Diameter : 40mm
Headphones Weight : 165g
Cable length : 1.5m
Headphone plug : 3.5 & 6.35mm
Packing size : 260X240X70mm
Package weight : 800g
Accessories: * 2 headset sponge , sponge pads * 2, 6.35 adapter .

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