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SoundTech MC2 Headphone (On Ear Open back)New Arrival


This is new kidz on the block to compete with already establish brands in the market. However you will never know there are always some decent brand start to establish especially this MC2 a very popular model in Mainland online store and has good review.

High Performance, built and important value for money. Seldom see a headphone made with real wood at this price tag. MC2 is a great sense of music headphones , very balanced and accurate sound warm thick lip.

Earphone’s housing made using Argentina Green sandalwood , very simple classical flavor and texture . Argentina Green sandalwood texture clear looking, natural permanent smell. When you listen MC2 ,  you can feel a touch of sandalwood taste MC2 wooden arena retains the natural texture of wood , only doing polishing process without the use of any paint. Green sandalwood slow growth rate , every piece of timber more than a hundred years of age to become useful. Green sandalwood  also known as incense , located in South America and is Argentina best quality green sandalwood.

MC2 first beam using the German first layer of small yellow hand-stitched leather , rugged yet refined . Very mature calm feeling .

MC2 weighs only 180 grams , earmuffs very soft , extremely comfortable to wear , no problem on prolonged listening, custom 4N OFC headphone cable,  impedance of 32 ohm , sensitivity of 96dB, extremely easy to drive and work well with mobile phone.

Selling at $145 (Welcome to audit)

Popularity – 🙂

See the Review Here

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