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High Performance Ground Box by littlemart

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For those who did not come across the ground box before or Skeptics that this is just a gimmick addition to your setup. Whether your (Video/Audio) setup is hundreds, thousands or ten over thousands, you still cannot eliminate the harmful small electron circular around your system.

How does the Ground box  help?

Ground box has been use by audiophiles for many years.  Dissemination of harmful small electron wave packets to achieve clear details (picture/sound quality) , relaxed atmosphere , great separation , quiet background  with deep sound stage and more stage feel . These are obvious immediate improvement you will hear/see with the Ground box in place.

There are a few foreign brands already establish in the market. They came in form of Active and Passive BUT  their high pricing is something that not all people can afford.

Ground box from littlemart was built to fill in this gap. Easily affordable and yet can achieve the dissemination of the harmful electron and immediate improve your system picture and sound quality.

Silver Ground box


3in1 box content is equal to 5X the content of the mini ground box .

The  ground box using  9999 pure silver conductor internally  and this will  dissemination of harmful free electron wave packets much faster  and more thoroughly . The effect will be more immediate. Silver ground box easily cost 3-4x the price in the market for those branded name. Audiophile will know……………..To strengthen internal box with foil shield , isolated from outside interference , the use of 9999 silver piece is good conductor for harmful interference, with a variety of internal added natural stone powder , it can effectively absorb ground ripple of sound interference system harmful free electrons . Terminals using copper plated 24k gold .

Made using imported solid Rosewood which is better use in all kind of weather and are commonly use to make furniture. It not easy to dry , side-wood and heartwood tangential shrinkage differences, resistance to corrosion and scratches, strong holding to nails , good mechanical strength. Overall solid Rosewood made the ground box be more stronger and reliable as compare soft wood type of material

a) Shake well to evenly distributed
b) You can connect the any audio rca output terminal ( signal ground ) or the machine casing ( power ground ) and the negative connector of your 2 speakers
c) The ground box is suitable to use on audio mini dac, amplifier, smaller speaker, TV, AV Receiver etc as well as grounding connection on LP/turntable, Phono Preamp

1) LM-SGB-3 (with 3 connectors)
Size: 30cm × 20cm × 8cm
Weight: about 6.5kg
Selling @ $535

2) LM-SGB-1 (with 1 connector)
Size: 15cm × 15cm × 8cm
Weight: about 2.5kg
Selling @ $195

Note: Each box come with free Taiwan imports Single Crystal Copper Plated silver Cable(s) terminated – choice of  1m/1.5m/2m in length (one side banana connector and the other side with Banana/Y/RCA connectors)

Or replace with Other Type of Cables

  1. Banana to XLR (Male) . Come with 1.5m / 2m  – Top up $15
  2. Banana to USB A . Come with 1.5m – Top up $10

5 thoughts on “Ground Box

  1. Actually was very skeptical about this ground box.What can a rectangular
    conceal box do to a sound system, slight improvement …maybe.
    Boy, i was totally wrong. The different was immediate once it’s plug in.
    The Bass is more control and the sound environment is very engaging.
    Mid range voice is clearly heard,separation on high,mid, low frequency is more define than ever after i plug in the ground box.

    Totally no regard, worth the money spend on this box!!!
    If you are those that change cables and accessories often, should give this box a try.

    I am pretty sure you will be impress too.

  2. This grounding box works what it claims to do. I ttied a large grounding unit and connected to preamp and phono amp. For an already revealing system, it uncovers even more minute details to much amazement. Quite noticeably also more air and high frequency extension in the music than before. The grounding simply unblocks certain bottlenecks existed in the chain previously in which usually it takes an expensive upgrade (such as cable, power conditioner) could achieve.

    It’s one of those high return and high effective tweaks, one should try it if you have not already use one.

  3. Bought the Silver Grounding Box from littlemart about a month ago. I was expecting a minor improvement at most.
    Firstly, soundstage became deeper and wider, the vocal are more analog and the bass also became punchy. Reduction in noise really enhances the blackness between notes, and brings out the micro detail to the fore. The overall effect is a fantastic increase in dynamics and transparency, taking what balanced power brings to the party and sending it off the scale.
    Vitally, the nature of the system sound remain unchanged, since the Silver Grounding Box enhances performance, doesn’t change it; in many ways is the best system wide upgrade to optimise and enhance the system performance.
    Highly recommended!

  4. A week ago, I bought this mini ground box from LITTLE MART for my HiFi systems, it is actually a ground device to draw and collect free electrons and control them from polluting the signal transfer.
    Surprisingly, it works, this mini ground box seems to be able provide quite a change in the sound staging which created a different spatial experience. The dynamics and apparent volume also improved, giving a new sense of liveliness, allowing listeners to experience a more engaging session. Do try this out. You may experience the benefit at a larger scale than me.
    I’m highly recommending you to include this in your system for those who would like to squeeze more satisfaction from your system, and you only pay a little more.

    by Cheng Kee ng

  5. Silver Ground Box Review: I had a skepticism about the Silver Ground Box as it is a non digital device but rely on organic materials to improve the sound. Nonetheless, shortly after I had installed the Silver Ground Box, my skepticism was proven unfounded. In a short span of time, I tried familiar tracks such as Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), Don’t Know Much ( Norah Jones), Billie Jean (MJ), Soul Bossa Nova (Quincy Jones), Hey Nineteen (Steely Dan)… Across the genres, I was remarkably impressed with the gains in bass and resolution. However, the most thrilling identifiable gain is that the soundstage is beyond a mere separation of sounds but a real sense of realism that the songs are played right in front of you. I will recommend to any fellow audiophile who is eager to seek another dramatic gain in your sound system. Have fun and enjoy!!!

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