SoundTech MC7 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier & MC9 Electrostatic Headphone


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What Are Electrostatic Headphones? and why they are so expensive

In the current market, Electrostatic Headphones and Amplifier easily cost thousands in USD just for an item. Now you can afford to own both with probably  1/2 the pricing (or lesser) as compare to the branded Electrostatic Audio Headphones and Amplifiers in the market

Here also introduce some of the MC7 electrostatic ear amplifier:
– Shell for the stainless steel chassis, on both sides and the top of the decorative plate for the natural original bamboo. The – panel is made of stainless steel with gold plating.
– XLR balanced socket for New Zealand, RCA socket for the CMC, the power switch for the British RS silver-plated contact switch, the potentiometer for the Japanese ALPS.
– Headphone output socket for the customization of the Teflon material, gold-plated standard STAX socket contacts.
– Power transformer with Z11 steel, oxygen-free copper wire custom 150W EI transformer.
– Power filter capacitor used in the Netherlands BC, coupling capacitors used in Germany M-CAP and Wima, the resistance using the Japanese KOA and Israel vishay,
– Internal link wire used by British VanDamme.
– Tube Model: 12AX7 * 2, 6SN7 * 2, 6X4 * 1 (Tung-SOL’s 6SN7 pair, Mullard’s 12AX7 pair, and GE’s 6X4 one.)
– MC7, MC9 fully compatible STAX interface.
– MC9 in maintaining the characteristics of static headphones style, sound is very feminine and thick Run, rich sense of music, has an excellent sound field, positioning and resolution, and STAX interface is fully compatible. MC9 is the sound technology and KS cooperation launched in the KS H04 on the basis of improved diaphragm and earmuffs and other acoustic part, the sound is more balanced and delicate, and MC7 amp, is designed specifically for the MC9 suit, SoundTech sound Technology MC7 electrostatic ear amplifier, full-balanced tube amplification, both the driving force and sound are very good, MC7, MC9 fully compatible STAX interface
– MC9 electrostatic headphones some of the test picture, each pair of headphones have been many times the most authoritative Danish B & K simulation head test
– MC7 & MC9 are pack in elegance design bamboo box packaging.

MC7 amp Product Specifications:
Input voltage: 220VAC / 50Hz
Input Impedance: 50kO (RCA), 50kO x 2 (XLR)
Frequency response: 10 Hz-22 KHz
Maximum output voltage: 390V RMS (@ 1KHz)
Harmonic distortion: less than 0.01% (@ 1KHz)
Amplification gain: 54dB
Bias: DC580V
Power consumption: 70W
Tube Model: 12AX7 * 2, 6SN7 * 2, 6X4 * 1 (Tung-SOL’s 6SN7 pair, Mullard’s 12AX7 pair, and GE’s 6X4 one.)
Dimensions: 295x180x170mm
Packing size: 360X265X235mm
Static weight: 5.2KG
Gross weight: 8.2KG

MC9 electrostatic headset parameters:
Impedance: 125K
Sensitivity: 99dB
Frequency response: 7Hz-41KHz
Capacitance: 133pf
Bias: DC 580V
Headset Weight: 290 grams (without cable)
Headphone cable length: 3 meters
Use of the environment: 0-35 degrees Celsius
Ambient humidity range: less than 90% (but not condensation)
Packing size: 345X290X85mm
Package weight: 2.3KG
MC9 electrostatic headset is able to change the headphone cable. Black and white two color options

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