Headphone Amplifiers

High Performance Pure Desktop Headphone Amplifiers at Affordable Price


Gustard H20 Class A Headphone Amplifier / Pre Amplifier (NEW)

A sequel to the popular H10, the Gustard H20 is a powerful class-A headphone amplifier with a variety of inputs and outputs. In fact, with an output of 12,000 mW at 32 ohms, it’s one of the most powerful we’ve ever sold. In addition to the 4-pin XLR output, it has a 6.35-millimeter low gain and a 6.35-millimeter high gain. There’s even an output for dual 3-pin XLR: a welcome sight for those who use this rarer balanced out with their headphones. Two XLR outputs function as a prestage and are ideal for sending out to high-end studio monitors. Each channel uses two independent amplifying units to form a symmetrical output line. The front class consists of a single 4-way amplifier circuit, using two LM49720 dual op amp. Have a separate pre-stage output,can be connected to active speakers or pure after the class. The use of matrix relay volume,effective to ensure that 4-way volume unanimous; The H20 has already garnered a lot of excitement from Head-Fi users.

Line input: 1*RCA, 2*XLR
Line output: XLR * 1 (Preamp output)
Amp output: 1*6.35mm single-ended high resistance,
1*6.35mm single-ended low resistance
2*Three-core balanced Output, 1*four-core balance output
There is Pre-amp output,Gustard H20 could be used as Power amplifier and Pre Amp connecting Active Monitor.

Come in Black / Silver

Selling at  $1250

Popularity – 🙂


Gustard H10 – High End Class A Headphone Amplifier


Class A headphone amplifier with high current current output. For each channel in the amp it has 2 independent amplification circuit. The H10 features two independent amplification circuits for the left and right channels, four gain switches, two RCA inputs, and two balanced XLR inputs..
There are 4 pre-buffer adjustment functions  build in with the amplfier and that mean the amplifier using pre-stage buffer and main amplifier components. By using 4 paris audio power tube output circuit, the H10 could easily drive variety of different impedance headphones.
The Gustard H10 built in with 2pcs 25W transformer and they correspond left and right channels power supply and highly reduce the channel crosstalk.

Selling at  $525

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


SoundTech MC7 Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier & MC9 Electrostatic headphone bundle (NEW)

mc2_p mc2_c mc2_g mc2_l

What Are Electrostatic Headphones? and why they are so expensive

In the current market, Electrostatic Headphones and Amplifier easily cost thousands in USD just for an item. Now you can afford to own both with probably  1/2 the pricing (or lesser) as compare to the branded Electrostatic Audio Headphones and Amplifiers in the market

Here also introduce some of the MC7 electrostatic ear amplifier:
– Shell for the stainless steel chassis, on both sides and the top of the decorative plate for the natural original bamboo. The – panel is made of stainless steel with gold plating.
– XLR balanced socket for New Zealand, RCA socket for the CMC, the power switch for the British RS silver-plated contact switch, the potentiometer for the Japanese ALPS.
– Headphone output socket for the customization of the Teflon material, gold-plated standard STAX socket contacts.
– Power transformer with Z11 steel, oxygen-free copper wire custom 150W EI transformer.
– Power filter capacitor used in the Netherlands BC, coupling capacitors used in Germany M-CAP and Wima, the resistance using the Japanese KOA and Israel vishay,
– Internal link wire used by British VanDamme.
– Tube Model: 12AX7 * 2, 6SN7 * 2, 6X4 * 1 (Tung-SOL’s 6SN7 pair, Mullard’s 12AX7 pair, and GE’s 6X4 one.)
– MC7, MC9 fully compatible STAX interface.
– MC9 in maintaining the characteristics of static headphones style, sound is very feminine and thick Run, rich sense of music, has an excellent sound field, positioning and resolution, and STAX interface is fully compatible. MC9 is the sound technology and KS cooperation launched in the KS H04 on the basis of improved diaphragm and earmuffs and other acoustic part, the sound is more balanced and delicate, and MC7 amp, is designed specifically for the MC9 suit, SoundTech sound Technology MC7 electrostatic ear amplifier, full-balanced tube amplification, both the driving force and sound are very good, MC7, MC9 fully compatible STAX interface
– MC9 electrostatic headphones some of the test picture, each pair of headphones have been many times the most authoritative Danish B & K simulation head test
– MC7 & MC9 are pack in elegance design bamboo box packaging.

Selling at: $2,999 (only available for Pre-order only)



Topping A30 Desktop Headphone Amplifier (NEW)

A30 received a lot of praise during the exhibition.
A30 can build a suit set with D30 and other mini speaker amplifier (other products and the shelf need to be purchased separately).  The mini Desktop Rack pricing can be found from below picture link


This can be a good alternative to the Schiit Headphone Amplifier + DAC bundle.

– Two outputs for different impedance of the headphone: 3.5MM and 6.35MM headphone port, can be used for a variety of headphones and earbuds.
– Two kinds of operating voltage mode and three kinds of gain (0dB / 9dB /18dB) selection mode.
– A30 uses the high-performance TI HIFI chip OPA161, OPA2134 (changeable) and TPA6120.
– Maximum output power of A30 can reach up to 1551mW * 2.
– Aluminum body, each part is through high automation, high-precision machining creating (Laser engraving).
Power by a special customized three-way high-performance linear power supply
Most competing products use 1x15V or etc adapter to the amplifier, this 1x15V will be convert inside the amplifier and cause noise and interference. But we use linear power adapter to provide 2x15V and 1x8V to A30, which help A30 avoid these problem. 2x15V used for high fidelity headphone amplifier circuit. 1x8V used for MCU, LED and relay. Less noise, less interference.
–  Using Hi-fi grade NEC relay, WIMA capacitance, Nichicon FW series HIFI electrolytic capacitor, ALPS potentiometer etc

Analog input 1 x RCA (L + R)
LineOUT 1 x RCA (L + R)
Headphone output 1 x 6.35 headphone jack; 1 x 3.5 headphone jack
The recommended load impedance range: 16-600Ω
Maximum output power:
1551mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone port, RL = 32Ω, THD + N = 1%)
291mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone jack, RL = 300Ω, THD + N = 1%)
152mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 6.35 headphone jack, RL = 600Ω, THD + N = 1%)
757mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 32Ω, THD + N = 1%)
258mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 300Ω, THD + N = 1%)
143mW x 2 (PO = Hi, 3.5 headphone jack, RL = 600Ω, THD + N = 1%)

Selling at  $170 (Amp only)
Come in Silver
Popularity –


APPJ PA1502A – Mini Class A Tube Vacuum Headphone Amplifier

Class-A single-end triode,100% tube amplification.Designed for resolution of fine musical details, expansive sound stage presentation, and lush tonal quality.

Full aluminum enclosure/chassis
Tubes: 1PC 6N4 – (Changeable to 12AX7; ECC83; ECC803)
2PCS 6P6P – (Changeable to 6V6)

  • Input: RCA Jacks
  • Output: 6.3mm Jacks
  • Output Impedance: 8 to 600 (Japan Z11-EI48*24 Output Transformers)

Selling at  $315
Come in Black/Silver
Popularity – 🙂 🙂


APPJ HPA Headphone Amplifier Adapter


Convert your speaker tube amp to a headphone tube amp. Direct solution instead of getting another tube headphone amp.

This matching is widely used, can be used in 6F3 EL84 6V6 6P3 EL34 KT66 KT88 2A3 300B or the equivalent power of the single ended, combined into a headphone amplifier, strong drive ability good special effects, can drive HD800 and other high-end headphones.

Input: 4.0mm Banana Jacks
Output:High/low-impedance headphones,3.5mm and 6.35mm stereo headphones
Support:8ohms-600ohms all headsets
Processing power of 8W +8 W
Support: 6F3 EL84 6V6 6P3 EL34 KT66 KT88 2A3 300BGewith the same power single-ended tube amp

Selling at  $110
Come in Black/Silver
Popularity –


AIBBC TA-100 – Tubes Sabre 9018 DAC/Pre-amp/headphone amp/Bluetooth 4.0 (new arrival)

AIBCC TA-100 Tube Sabre DAC Pre-amp

TA-100 is a very complete ES9018S advanced decoder with XMOS (U8) + Headphone Amp + Bluetooth 4.0 (CSR BC8670) + Preamp Output. Having the highest level of decoding with built-in XMOS USB (U8) to support DSD hardware solution, using high end grade ops amp on amplifying circuit, the latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR BC8670 programs to support lossless transmission APTX (I2S input receiving a digital signal decoding after ESS9018 preamp output) and a unique patented technology on tube hybrid system with full discrete between the core elements and the pre-amplifier circuit output.

TA-100 (Standard version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane 12AT7

TA-100 (Premium version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane (贵族之声T系列典藏版) 12AT7-TII gold tubes


  • DAC chip ES9018S, having 32BIT HyperstreamTM DAC patent structure, and the time domain jitter removal, as well as having a 135dB dynamic range and distortion of -120dB, the industry’s highest level of performance for today. TA-100 has fully utilize the function of this chip, to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.
  • COAXIAL input straight into ES9018S decoding, support for external high quality digital audio.
  • USB digital interface XMOS (U8) with the industry’s highest level of 32BIT / 384KHZ ES9018S DAC decoder IC design, support DSD hardware solution, XMOS U8 decode the benefits of integration and DAC built-in USB digital interface is the shortest distance to get the best transmission sound quality.
  • The machine supports Bluetooth playback, with the highest levels of CSR8670 audio-specific Bluetooth chip, CSR8670 is the industry supports digital output of a high-quality 4.0 Bluetooth chip, the signal straight into ES9018S decoding, and support for APTX lossless transmission, powerful, excellent sound quality.
  • Input Select: CD / AUX / BT / USB / COAXIAL five audio input selections.
  • Output options: Headphone output / can control volume preamp outputs (balanced and unbalanced RCA outputs).
  • Fully discrete power amplifier configuration of high-fidelity headphone amplifier design, strong thrust, rear gain switch, 8-1000Ω impedance completely adapted.

Selling at $499 (standard version),   $599 (premium version )

Upgrade Linear PSU is available here

See the Review Here

Popularity – 🙂


SMSL VMV VA2 Headphone Amplifier


VA2 mini is high quality portable headphone amplifier.It is the design for hi-fi application through state-of -the -art circuit.only one external adapter just working.

If you have both low and high impedance headphones and are looking for an amp that handles both, the SMSL VMV VA2 might be just the ticket. With two different power outputs that cover the range of 32 to 600 ohms, the VMV VA2 delivers solid performance in a compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor.

Simple and Efficient
The VMV VA2 offers a no frills design, with 1/4″ outputs and a volume knob on the front, and a power switch, plug and RCA inputs to connect to your DAC on the back.  The low impedance output pairs exceedingly well with IEMs, giving you a black background without hiss or noise. Count on the high impedance output to drive higher impedance headphones like the HD 600 with authority. Finished with a CNC machined solid aluminum chassis, the VMV VA2 offers a price-to-value point that’s hard to beat.

High-impedance Power:
>120 mW at 600ohm
>250 mW at 300ohm
>580 mW at 100ohm
>330mW at 32ohm
Low-impedance power:
>120mW at 100ohm
>75mW at 32ohm

Selling at $185

Come in Silver
Popularity –


SENSE G1 –  Pre-Amp/DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Sense G1 Tube PreAmp/DAC

A very Versatile mini Tube Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp with up to Coax/Optical/USB DAC function. Using pcm5102 decoder chip and many foreign crew were using this chip. USB input part of the upgrade is asynchronous 192KHz / 32bit receiver chip CM6631A, to facilitate access to other digital devices , increase fiber and coaxial digital inputs, retained line input and output analog signals, so can also be used as a STANDALONE DAC (For Headphone only) or Pre-Amp use.

  • Class A Hybrid, Tube(preamp) + VMOS  (power Field Effect Transistor chip)
  • OPT, COAX, USB, AUX  input
  • AUX as Pre-Amp or DAC
  • USB using CM6631A, DAC using PCM5102
  • USB Support mobile OTG for Android 4.3 and above
  • Tube use – Beijing’s 2P2J 
  • Headphone amp slot 6.35mm and can support  impedance range :32-300 ohm
  • Support up to 196kHz
  • Support 16bit-32bit

Supports tube rolling (changeable with 1S4 /3S4 / DL92 / CV820 / 2P2 / 2N2N). Upgrade Tubes are available here

Selling at  $200 (Note power cord is not included)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Racoon SG-300 – Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp/USB Dac

This is a Tube Pre-amp with USB DAC + Headphone Amp. Naiting sweet sound all thanks to the high quality PSVANE tube. Thick solid low-frequency, low-frequency powerful. Beside using as headphone amp, it a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1 as well as to all other mini integrated amplifier of your choice. Pre-amp helps to give extra gain to the power of your amplifier should you think their power is not enough.

  • Using CS4398 DAC,  TI TPA6120A2 (headphone amp)
  • USB, AUX  input
  • Tube pre-output
  • Tube use – Premium GOLD PSVANE 12AT7-T II (贵族之声)
  • 2 headphone amp slot (6.25mm/3.5mm) and can support  impedance range :8-1000 ohm
  • Support 32kHz-96kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit

Supports tube rolling (12AT7, ECC81, 6201, GT-12AT7, 6C22D etc. etc. )

Selling at  $195

Currently available in Black / White

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


Miu Audio MKTP-1 – mini Pre-amp with Headphone amp

Tubed preamplifier with headphone amplifier. With its fashionable iridescent color design and very small dimensions, the MKTP-1 is one of the world’s smallest and most beautiful pre-amplifiers! It a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1 as well as to all other mini integrated amplifier of your choice. Pre-amp helps to give extra gain to the power of your amplifier should you think their power is not enough

  • Only 65mm x 25mm x 98mm.
  • Front panel jacks for headphones and iPod/iPhone/MP3 inputs.
  • Rear panel connections for power amplifiers, as well as rear panel line level input for CD.
  • Ideal complement for headphones, iPods, MP3 players and more. Can be used with powered speakers for a complete system. Perfect for obtaining better sound from your PC.
  • Spectacular audio performance!
  • using 6922EH Pre-amp Tube

*Supports opamp rolling
*Supports two major tube series:
(1) 6DJ8, 6922, 6N11, 6H23n, ECC88, E88CC, etc., and
(2) 12AU7, 5963, 5814, ECC82, etc

Selling at  $160

Currently available in Orange / Black

Popularity – 🙂 🙂

Product Review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/miu-audio-mktp-1-hybrid-headphone-amplifier/reviews/10779


Miridiy G3 – Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-amp


Miridiy Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier
It is a high value and cute headphone amplifier hook up to your PC / Mp3 /MP4/ ipod / any stereo device. You can have a  powerful, dynamic and sweet TUBE SOUND from your headphone ! You’ll be astounded at the improvement in sound quality, dynamic range, meticulous transparency, completely demonstrate its high performance and analytical ability, it can also connect with power amplifier such as a high performance pre amplifier to improve your Hi Fi system.

It a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1 as well as to all other mini integrated amplifier of your choice. Pre-amp helps to give extra gain to the power of your amplifier should you think their power is not enough

Pure Class A  Headphone Amplifier & Pre Amplifier
Hybrid ! Valve & MOS-FET in Use!!
Without any OP amp IC inside!!!
Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely!!!

G3, it has improve from last version which was OEM to Indeed-Hi Fi (G2 Valve Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier). And alot of copy and similar product following them, so they are also keep a distance with our technical skill.We have modified to generation III now, so that we call it G3.

Easy to change the tubes with jumper on PCB (bias adjust is necessary), 6 series for 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/6N11/6N23P; 12 series for ECC82/12AU7/12AT7/6N4……

Selling at  $150 (standard EH6922 tube),   $165 (with Gold EH6922 tube)

Popularity – 🙂

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