Miu Audio – MKTP2

“To be honest, the look of this hybrid amp doesn’t look appealing to me at all. My 1st impression: I wouldn’t even want to give it a try at all. I wouldn’t want to waste time on this small little amp. But I was wrong to judge the amp by its look.
To cut the story short, Ryan insisted that I should give it a shot.
To my surprise, the sound of my Martin Logan speaker driven by the Miu-tech was vastly different from its sound with my few thousands dollar amp. Republic’s Stop and Stare: The bass was more extended and better controlled. It now had more dynamics in spades, evident as an ability to play much louder without strain, and the soundstage is more clearly presented.
I am really impressed with this little monster.” By fishball

“just bought the MKTP2 yesterday, hard to believe such a powerful amp within that tiny chassis. produce high end tones and absolutely worth the money.
Love this pc…….”
by acemen

“This tiny amp MKTP-2 one audiophile magazine reviewer was staggered over its performance. At half the price, it’s no brainer where you want to put your money. The wonderful thing about this tiny amp is the audiophile can tune its ‘tone’ to suit one’s taste. Do pay attention to the choice of tube brand and interconnect cable for hooking it up. Yes, it is that revealing! Forget about the 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, try using a proper RCA interconnect with adaptor. I’m using a XLO cable right now between the pre and power section. Go grab one now, you wouldn’t regret it.” by Fire-bottle





AIBBC TA-100 – Tubes Sabre 9018 DAC/Pre-amp

TA-100s TA-100t



Bought this one and this is my review : AIBBC TA-100
Pairing with Windows 10 Foobar, ASIO+DSD to HD800S and P9 Signature

Build quality : Superb, with a suprisingly good power supply, strong case and futuristic design. This is the first amp i bought without the inbalance low volume issue. Even at lower volume, the balance a very good.

Sound quality : Excellent

wide soundstage, mellow sweet tube mid and somehow tame down the 800S treble nicely. right out of box it sound very nice. With 48 hours burn in, I have no complaint with the sound quality. Everything sound magic, even low quality sould track from itune music sound good too:). It manage to push the 800s to pretty loud volume at slightly more than quarter volume level. It definitely have sufficient omph to drive 300ohm headphone. Zero background noise!

With the P9 signature, the bass still remain authoritative deep, with a better sound stage and clarity compare to my Zero DAC.

At the cost, it is really a good buy. Gonna try out the bluetooth paring soon.” By KA Chua

“i have been looking around for a suitable headphone amp for my Lcdx and d7100, have tried a few amp in the $k range but feel that cannot bring out the best of both headphones. The sound is kind of flat and lack dynamic.
. Saw this ta_100 by chance and read quite a few chinese review . so decide to give a try as pricing is not too high and functions are what i am looking for. so i just bought one without any audition. man. i am totally amazed when i start playing cai qin and beyond cd. The emotion just flows in very naturally and the drum bits are so real . only minor issue is the amp runs hot after an hour of use, but i guess it is normal for tube amp to get hot anyway.
IMHO, i have bought another value for money item from Ryan.
I will be back for more good stuff.” by Joe


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