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High Performance Tube CD players at Affordable Price


Bada HD-19 Tube CD player

Bada HD-19 Tube CDP

Bada HD-19 Tube CDP

Like its older sibling, the Bada HD-22, the HD-19 delivers audiophile HDCD performance. But this time Bada delivers the quality at a competitive price point that will definitely surprise you.

The elegant design of the HD-19 uses proven high-quality Sony laser optics and the same Phillips servo circuitry as found in the HD-22. Digital to analog (DAC) conversion is through a 96 kHz 24 bit Burr-Brown PCM1732 respected chipset manufacturer is coupled to an audiophile grade 6N3/5670 output tube or, if you prefer, an OP AMP buffer.
Dynamic and Clean Performance

If audiophile performance alone isn’t enough, the HD-19 offers both tube and solid state outputs, coaxial digital outputs and the same remote control that the Bada HD-22 uses.

Selling @ $759

Come with Silver / Gold

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