Power Tubes


Soviet 6n1n-EB(NOS)$30/pair
This is a long life tube with generous mellow sweet sounding. Currently use in many Chinese amplifier including the Nobsound MD-10 Tube amplifier

Russia 6n1n-EB_2


Assorted Chinese 6P1$10/pair
Currently use in many Chinese amplifiers including the Nobsound MD-10 Tube amplifier




Tung-Sol 6V6GT – $80/pair
Totally Tweed! The preferred OEM tube of ’50s-era Fender Tweed Champ and Deluxe amplifiers The Tungsol 6V6 has a geometry designed to safely handle the higher voltages used in guitar amps – plus heavier plate and grid materials. The result.. better mids and bottom while keeping the smooth top of the classic 6V6’s. The Tungsol 6V6 breaks up evenly from low E to high up the neck. Blues players will LOVE these tubes for the way they sing!



EH 6V6GT$80/pair
This is the new 6V6GT tube from Electro Harmonix. It now uses the same round internal stem as the Tung-Sol 6V6GT. The old stem used in the 6V6GT EH was a flat stem. This new stem is considered an improvement in mechanical durability. The wires that connect the tube elements to the base are father apart from each other in the round stem making arcing less likely to occur between the wires.



Genalex – Gold Lion 6V6GT / CV511$130/pair
The Gold Lion 6V6GT/CV511 tube is the top of the line in current production 6V6 power tubes. It is extremely well built, and has the perfect 6V6 sound. To go on about the subtle tone variation would frankly be a waste of time. They have the classic 6V6 tube sound. Plenty of smooth creamy overdrive. You won’t get better tone and reliability from anything else on the market

Gold Lion - 6v6d


EL34 / KT77

JJ EL34$70/pair
The sound is well balanced with tight bass response and great mids. As with many of the Eastern European tubes, mechanical noise is an issue if used in high power combo style amps. In a stereo system or remote head, these should provide a good tonal balance and service life.

JJ El34


JJ EL34 II (Blue)- $90/pair
Blue glass envelope – otherwise no difference from the standard JJ E34L. With a slightly higher grid voltage (-13.5 to -16.5 vs -10 to -13.5 volts for the EL34) than other EL34 / this tube offers tight low end with smooth mids.

JJ El34 blue_b


Tung-Sol EL34$90/pair
The new production Tung-Sol EL34B is an attractive option for those that want the full bodied tone that made Tung-Sol famous. Better made than any other EL34B, these are guaranteed to blow your mind – not your amp.


Mullard EL34No Stock
These tubes are the latest offering from New Sensor. With construction similar to the Svetlana EL34 from New Sensor, these sound very good and are great for use in any Hi-Fi or musical instrument amplifier. The overall sound is more balanced and very warm. This is great news for people with something like a Marshall since they are inherently midrangey. The low mids are nicely balanced to prevent any boomy tone.



PSVANE UK-EL34 – $90/pair
Psvane HIFI Series UK-KT88 、UK-EL34、UK-6SN7 are new-creation, never have the better cost-effective in the history of Psvane. After almost one year time, these HIFI UK Series vacuum tubes were come out by development team of Psvane; The three model tubes are adopt the most UK sound charms of” Mould screen” plate material, and join into the symbolic music and the extremely emotional appeal sound performance of Psvane.this will be most music you hear with the same price of vacuum tubes.



Genalex – Gold Lion KT77 – $150/pair
Silky Smooth and Rich, This EL34 Will Make Your Tube Amp Purr!
Built to the highest standards in the industry, New Sensor has just released the outstanding Genalex Gold Lion KT77 tube, which is also a drop-in replacement for any EL34 tube.
The sound is big and powerful, with excellent air and resolution. This Gold Lion has more speed and delicacy than a traditional EL34 and an overall richer tonal balance.
A faithful reproduction of the original, this Russian built KT77 features heavier glass and more rugged plates for greater durability and improved resistance to vibration.  The grid wires are gold-plated for maximum oxidation protection.

Gold Lion KT77_b


EL34 SVETLANA WINGED C – $180/pair

Made in St. Petersburg, Russia. he construction sees a laminated alloy used for the plate construction which helps heat transfer under overload conditions. The valve has a smooth top end response and a rich distorted tone. The Svetlana EL34 has a bold and dynamic sound and when overdriven sounds smooth and responsive.

The Winged C EL34 is considered by many to be the best EL34 tube that money can buy.


6P14 / EL84

SOVTEK EL84$50/pair
Sovtek EL84 are extremely reliable and good sounding. The construction has improved steadily over the years. Sovtek EL84 are currently being used by such manufacturers as Fender – Crate – and Peavey. The Sovtek EL84 produce an unbeatable smooth – warm distortion. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30’s and the like.
NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:
BadCat Model 2R
Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
Marshall DSL201
Marshall DSL401
VOX reissue AC15



Mullard EL84$60/pair
The new production Mullard EL84 / 6BQ5 is another “re-born” classic from New Sensor. With lush mids and punchy bass, these guys are sure to please even the most demanding boutique EL84 amp owner.
NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers:
BadCat Model 2R
Bad Cat Amplifier Model Black Cat
Marshall DSL201
Marshall DSL401
VOX reissue AC15



6P3S /6L6 / 6L6GT / 6L6GC /5881 / KT66

Shuguang 6L6GC$40/pair
Beam power tube and its plate power dissipation can reach 19W. For audio frequency amplifier, it can be used as class A and AB amplifier. Low noise and dark background. Good to be use with headphone and brighter speaker.

Shuguang 6L6GCR_b


SVETLANA (6L6GC ) – $80/pair
The Svetlana 6L6GC produces a tight clean sound, and has a nice, smooth breakup. Every bit the equal of tone to the winged =C= 6L6GC’s.



Siemens 6L6WGB – $180/pair

These puppies rock and would sound great in any setup where you want punch, clear highs and a tight bottom. The sound from these ‘stubbies’ is excellent. Very nice harmonic content, rich and deep.


Svetlana Winged C 6L6GC$200/pair

MADE IN THE ST PETERSBURG FACTORY. Tremendous harmonic content and an overall depth in sound make these another excellent choice for the purist. They can handle solid plate voltages and are very well constructed. Consider these 6L6 tubes as an excellent choice for any type of music, delivering crystal cleans and smooth breakup with plenty of punch


Tung-Sol KT66 – $120/pair
The Tung-Sol KT66 is just the ticket if you are looking for a high quality and cost effective alternative to NOS KT66. We found this tube has improved bass response and a shimmering top-end. If you want that famous Bluesbreaker sound –these are THE tubes.
Please Note: These tubes will not fit side-to-side in a Marshall 1990’s JCM900 amp head.


Genalex – Gold Lion KT66 – $140/pair
A faithful reproduction, this Genalex – Gold Lion KT66 has heavy glass and ruggedized plates that will allow it to handle just about any abuse you give it and still have room to breath. Made in Russia to exacting standards, the new Genalex – Gold Lion is a true echo of the past. With 3 getters for a superior vacuum, gold plated grid wire and beautiful artwork, these KT66 have a lot of power with good headroom too.



KT88 / 6550

Tung-Sol 6550 – $120/pair
Tonally, this 6550 tube has a smooth, extended high end, slightly warm midrange with great imaging, and a tight bottom end.
The new Tungsol 6550 has been closely constructed to the original specifications of the triple getter, 3-hole plate version. The build quality is top notch and the price is great, making them an excellent alternative to expensive NOS tubes.

TungSol 6550_a


Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C – $350/pair

MADE IN THE ST PETERSBURG FACTORY. It has very controlled sound – nothing offensive can be found in any part of the frequency response. Also very consistent in detail and separation, with clean highs and exceptional balance throughout.


EH KT88 – No Stock
The new KT88EH tube is here. In this KT88 tube, a new geometry is utilized to reduce odd order harmonics for a sweet top end while the peak power is extended to improve low frequency response. A new glass formula body ensures long life and improved reliability. The perfect choice when the authentic sound is needed.

EH KT88b


JJ KT88 (Blue)$150/pair
Blue glass envelope – otherwise no difference from the standard JJ KT88. JJ has outdone themselves with this tube. The quality of construction and sound is reminiscent of the original GEC KT88

JJ KT88c


PSVANE UK-KT88 – No Stock
These KT88 tubes are designed to have the unique British warm sound yet not losing the typical KT88 grunt. Sound quality is 90-95% of the high end grey bottle KT88-TII series, but at much affordable price.
If your amp has the original Chinese KT88 tubes and now it’s time to change to new ones but you are not yet ready to jump to the absolute high end yet, these Psvane KT88-UK will give you a good run for the money.



Mullard KT88$170/pair
Introducing the new Mullard KT88 audio vacuum tube.  The tube construction consists of triple getters, additional support posts, and cooling “fins” along the anode.
From the manufacturer: “This is an exact copy of the KT88 valves that were manufactured by Marconi-Osram for Marshall in the late 1960s and 1970s. Excellent replacement output valve for the Marshall Major to retain the original sound.”

Mullard KT88a


Genalex  – Gold Lion KT88$180/pair
This is the first of several tubes tubes to come from the Genalex –Gold Lion brand. Made in Russia to exacting standards, the new Genalex –Gold Lion is a true echo of the past. With 3 getters for a superior vacuum, gold plated grid wire and beautiful artwork, these KT88 have a lot of power with good headroom too.

Gold Lion KT88b



Assorted 6AD10 NOS Tube


This type of NOS tubes are currently use in my mini 6AD10 tube amp – APPJ PA1501A. Various brand are available from GE/RCA/Sylvanra/Zenith/Raytheon/Olymple…..

Selling at $50/pair