EMI Ferrites Core

EMI Ferrites core for round Cable Clamp Filter

Come in size
a) Use for 3-4mm thickness cables – SCRC 35B. Selling at  $4
b) Use for 5-6mm thickness cables – SCRC 70B  Selling at $4.5
c) Use for 7-8mm thickness cables – SCRC 90B  Selling at $5.5

ferrite core2 ferrite core1

-PEUF-1330B EMI Ferrite Suppression filter in plastic housings is clamped onto cables or wire providing EMI filter functions. This filter has an easily opened housing with a positive lock, is reusable, and can be used for any type of EMI / RFI filter application.
-Unique plastic case ensures simple,convenient installation and includes a self-holding mechanism to prevent slippage on cables.
-Ferrite core provides excellent absorption of high-frequency EMC
-Highly effective as countermeasure against common mode EMC without adverse effect on signal quality.
-Large core size prevents saturation during large signal surges.


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