Connector Dust Caps

Audio equipment terminals/connectors often lack of protection and exposed, over the time there will be some degrees of dust, oxidation and corrosion going on. In long run, it can affected the quality of the sound project out from your system.

In addition, we live in the space where there is a lot of  EMI/RFI generate from many electrical equipment. When they were to be exposed to the external terminal interface, it  will receive a certain level of Noise / Hissing.

Covering the unused connectors with the Gold Plated / Rhodium Plated Copper protective cap, not only can effectively prevent dust, oxidation and corrosion, and can also shield all EMI/RFI away, so that the sound background of the equipment more quiet and darker.


RCA Caps – Selling $3/pcs

XLR Male Caps – Selling $5/pcs

XLR Female Caps – Selling $5/pcs


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