6.35mm to 3.5mm 75ohm Impedance AdapterSelling at $20

6.35-3.5 adapter

For use with low impedance earphone/headphone to reduce the noise if use on tube headphone amplifier

HDMI 360 Degree Swivel and Rotate Adapter  – Selling at $6

hdmi adapter 360degree

This versatile HDMI adapter can rotate a full 360 degrees. When plugged in and adjusted to a 90 degree angle the adapters minimum clearance is 1 1/4 inches.

Unlike many Swivel adapters that allow users to rotate multiple times in one direction eventually causing a short; this adapter has a unique lock that will only allow one turn in each direction keeping the connection strong.

  • Adjustable 360 degree HDMI connector
  • Connectors: HDMI Male to Female Gold plated
  • Swivel and rotate action allows you to connect to cables without obstructing adjacent HDMI ports
  • Compatible with all formats including 480P, 720P, 1080i and 1080P.
  • High Speed Support


Toslink to 3.5mm adapter (Straight) – Selling at $4

3.5mm to TOS - Straight2

Toslink to 3.5mm adapter (Right Angle) – Selling at $5

3.5mm to TOS - right

– Female Optical Toslink to Male 3.5mm Optical Jack adaptor
– Gold Plated Contacts
– Supplied with rubber cap to protect tip when not in use

This will convert a TOS-Link optical output/input to work with a 3.5mm Optical input/output. (TOS-Link is the standard square optical output you get on many devices from DVD players to sound systems) (You can find 3.5mm optical output/input on high end sound cards on computers and newer portable devices)

Popularity – 🙂


3.5mm to Toslink plug Selling at $4

3.5mmToTos 1

Male 3.5mm to Female Toslink Optical Jack adaptor (opposite from above adapter)
– This will convert a  3.5mm Toslink input/output to a Toslink optical output/input .
– Gold Plated Contacts
– Supplied with rubber cap to protect tip when not in use


Toslink 360 degree plug – Sell at $5

optical_right_angle_adapter_rotate         70421big

This easy to use Toslink adapter with 360 rotation. It converts any standard Digital TOS connection into a right angled plug. Perfect for closed spaces such as cupboards and other areas were space may be limited. The TOS Link plug is rotatable to allow you to spin the adapter for the perfect angle.

Most commonly used for Digital TOS Optical Audio Cables to convert a straight cable into a right angled connection Optical socket

    • Right angle optical plug
    • Simple to use, simply plug your existing cable into the secure socket to lock it into place
    • Rotatable to allow you to spin the adapter for the perfect angle.

Gold Flashed Ends for a secure connection


6.35mm Male to 3.5mm Female Adapter – Sell at $5


Adapter easily convert your 3.5mm connector into a 6.35mm plug.  Commonly use in Headphone with 3.5mm plug and wanted to plug into a Headphone amplifier which only has 6.35mm connection



US to EU Pin Black AdapterSelling at $2.5/pcs



Universal to UK Pin Black AdapterSelling at $4/pcs



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