Power Conditioner

LongYu Power Conditoner

“purchased model: Longyu LY-202-8

system: Yamaha HS7 + HS8s Sub

I was looking around looking for a simple power conditioner to solve the noise problem i have from my mains and also to benefit from any sonic advantages a power conditioner can provide. Initially i contacted littlestorz in carousel regarding bada LB-5510 since the price is pretty reasonable. But as someone who is always checking the possible upgrade path and wary of getting an item and later realised i could have spend a little bit more to get something that is even better, i asked littlestorz to recommend me better choices. littlestorz immediately recommended longyu, a famous domestic brand in china which sadly is not known outside of china. Two key phrases in his recommendations made me decided to go for longyu and not bada or weiduka. that is Longyu is “another level” and both bada or weiduka is “no where close” to the quality of longyu. I decided to go with the recommended LY-202-8 as i knew what those means.

after gotten the unit from him, i went home and just before i add the conditioner in the chain, i played back a song and gotten my wife to listen in as well. Next, i connected the conditioner and replayed the same song and my wife immediately heard the difference. The music became very lively! i will like to describe it as becoming “alive”! the bass respond became very fluent, the music played with energized voices, instruments sounded more realistic. from a normal and not so engaging sound to something that surpasses my expectation. the sound staging, depth, realism, tonality. it seems that not only did this perform well with the primary duty of filter away the noise, it went much further by energising the sound!

now the key after purchase questions, did i in any way regret about the purchase? NO! will I unplug the conditioner and use direct AC power? no way! the next time when my friends gather for another audio meet, i will definitely bring this along and let them hear for themselves what this little china does.” By samuel


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