Hifi Fuse

LM HiFi Fuses (Silvery) – 13A for UK Plug  – Audio Grade


“i have been looking around for a suitable headphone amp for my Lcdx and d7100, have tried a few amp in the $k range but feel that cannot bring out the best of both headphones. The sound is kind of flat and lack of dynamic.
. Saw this ta_100 by chance and read quite a few chinese review . so decide to give a try as pricing is not too high and functions are what i am looking for. so i just bought one without any audition. man. i am totally amazed when i start playing cai qin and beyond cd. The emotion just flows in very naturally and the drum bits are so real . only minor issue is the amp runs hot after an hour of use, but i guess it is normal for tube amp to get hot anyway.
IMHO, i have bought another value for money item from Ryan.
I will be back for more good stuff.” by Joe

“1) you need to burn in this fuse for sufficient hours.I clock over 200 hrs before using it in my audio chain. you will find bass to be missing without any burning in.
2) with the new fuse, the sound has
A)more controlled bass, I notice with the normal fuse, bass is ‘lose’. The silver fuse controls it much better and good
B) Extended treble.. some pple will say you will hear more air from the songs..
C) improvement in the texture of the music.. I notice better texture in voice, instructments..
overall this fuse is a no brainer upgrade.. especially for the price ratio which you can’t find it anywhere else. thumbs up to littlemart for another great option!” by samuel

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