Group Buy: Premium Sound Isolation Magfooters for Hifi

A bro ask me to help source and see if i am able to help him to bring in this Magfooter. I thought these Magfooters only for players who appreciate how they want their equipment to be setup, otherwise i don’t think general player will be keen to own one….. Anyway decided to conduct a group buy to see if there are more interest buyers before i place an order.

What is a Magfooter?

Magfooter using of magnetic polarity to give the equipment a floating feel so as to eliminate the vibration and it make the sound more perfect. Comparing to some branded magnetic footers (eg Yamamoto, Alto Extremo) which usually comes with high price. Magfooters here can be an alternative to players who want to own magnetic footers without have to burn a big hole in the pocket. The magnetic feet used anti-skip design and will not move if the equipment vibrate. It is capable to adjustable height high and low. It actually solve the Magfooter not able to adjust the balance issue.

Product Features:
1) Material: Aluminum + magnetic.
2) Come with 2 set of ball for different taste(A 304 tungsten ball+ Brass ball)
3) Surface went through anodizing Treatment
4) Can use on pre-amp DAC, turntables, speakers, CD player and so on.
5) Maximum load weight
– Small Magfooter (Size Dx 48mm  Hx 50mm) a set of four maximum load weight up to 18KG.
– Big Magfooter (Size Dx 53mm  Hx 58mm) a set of four maximum load weight up to 40KG.


GB Deals (Pre-order)

Small Magfooter – set of 4 ($132)

Big Magfooter – Set of 4 ( ($152)

How the GB works:
1) Indicate how many set you need in the Post or Whatapps me for update
2) 100% payment advance to my POSB account 130024602. (Only payment received then i will order your share. Encounter few kite flyers already)
3) Whatapps me after you have made the payment
4) GB will end 11th June 2017. Possible will close early if have sufficient order.

1) Stock arrival Est 2-3 weeks after ordering
2) Collection at my AMK Blk: weekday only after 715pm or weekend can be arrange day time.
3) Mailing is available by Singpost Register mail (Price TBA) or Ta Q bin (TBA)

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