Group Buy Section

1) What is Group Buy Section all about?

A: The idea is to conduct a Group Buy an item or bundle items with a special price which you unlikely able to get this kind of price in the market. Usually will set aside limited qty for Group Buy campaign.

2) Is the Group Buy Campaign allow oversea buyer to participate?

A: The Group Buy Campaign is more target the local SG market where there they could collect the goods after they make the advance payment. I welcome oversea buyers to participate but bear in mind the shipping here out is very expensive unless you have you own shipper who you can arrange to ship your own. You may want to contact me beforehand and find out extra fee charge. However I reserve the rights if i am not comfortable to send to specific countries.

3) Why your Group Buy pricing deduction sometime seem not a lot ?

A: My price is following international market online pricing (do not compare my price with China E-Commerce pricing which is for china market). Margin for each items are not high as compare to retail. Imagine I sell cheap and still provide warranty, this already a bonus for the local. Through the Group Buy,  with the even thinner margin, I can only compensate with volume sales .

4) Will you be able to allow me to audit/home trial the Group Buy item before commit?

A: I will love to but unfortunately, there is an effort involve. With the price already significantly goes down during the Group Buy, is a bit hard to justify extra effort for doing audit/home trial.

5) If I am interested in one of your item, are you able to conduct Group Buy for this item?

A: I will usually do a collective feedback whether there is a demand on the item before decide. So please send me your interest to my email or put your comment at my newly created Group Buy post in my website. However to take note, not all the products in my store, i am able to conduct Group Buy.

6) Will you be conducting the same Group Buy item constantly or frequently?

A. No i will not. Still I will base on the collective feedback to decide whether to do it again or do it with bundle. When the deal is good, do not hesitate to get it. Please do not wait for me to conduct another Group Buy on the same item as it might not or took sometime to happen again.

7) How your Group Buy works?

A. Each Group Buy campaign will be conduct differently. So do stay tune and keep a look out the on any new Group Buy campaign conducted.

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Currently No Group Buy Deal

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