Tisbury Audio mini Passive Preamplifier

Handmade in England



I have been a hi-fi audiophile for 40 years and worked in the retail side of hi-fi for 25 years. In all my time I have not heard such a good pre amp as this. Everything else seems to put a veil over the sound and lack the incredible detail of the Tisbury and depth detail. I previously had a Luxman class A amp and now have a Meridian 502 pre and 556 power amp. The Tisbury works great with the 556 amp and there is plenty of gain.

Thanks for a great product which is exceptional value and superbly built.


“In a word: Awesome. Swapping over the old preamp with yours I was immediately presented (confronted?) with a soundstage where all the musicians were delightfully placed in their correct position and the dynamic range of their output was a joy to hear. Your preamp opened a wide window where the fine detail of the music came through in a simply stunning manner, uncoloured – perfect in fact.

Thanks also for the money back offer. I’m sorry to say wild horses could not drag me away from your baby preamp.

Thanks for the most enjoyable experience.

Tisbury Passive Preamp is an awesome device – worth every cent given the tremendous improvement I recognized immediately in my setup in term of soundstage, clarity, treble and bass.” By Aloysius Lim



  1. AVREV.com
  2. The Art of Sound
  3. Hifipig.com


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