Raysonic SE-30A (EL34) tube amplifier (SOLD)

One of the best high end tube amp in the market. Smooth and refine sounding

Highly review by 6moons


Retail @ USD2399
Hifishark (2nd hand international market) @ USD1175
Other 2nd hand market could be MORE

Condition close to mint as you can see in the picture. Very heavy tube amp and may need 2 people to support to carry. if you are strong enough 1 person could be sufficient but be careful of your back. Existing Tubes still usable.

Testing is allow for serious buyers only.

Class A, triode, single-end design
Output power: 18 watts/per x 2 channels.
Extended frequency range output transformers.
Heavy duty power transformer.
All single paths are point to point wiring.
Six EL34 power tubes are individually biased.
Circuit composed of High Quality Electronic Components.
Chassis finish: silver.
Vacuum tubes: EL34 x 6, 12AT7EH x 2, 12AU7EH x 4, 5U4 (5Z3p) x 2.
Output power: 18w per channel x 2
Input impedance: 100ohm

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