YaQin MC-10L – (SOLD)

The most value for money tube amplifier ever! Heavy duty chassis with top in stainless steel, steel bottom and front panel as well as bezels in aluminum.

This is a older version of MC-10L where  BIAS control is not on external chassis.

In Excellent condition as show in the picture. Age around 3years old and not very often use. Come with existing tube where they are still usable.

Output power: =52W x2   8 ohm
load impedance: 8 ohm  or  4 ohm
Lose true degree: =2%(40W)
Power comsumption: 220W
requency response: 20Hz – 60KHz
signal inputs level: =300mv   (±1.5dB  10W)
SNR: =85dB(A weight)
Valve: EL34B x4  6N1x4
Input Power Voltage: 220V   60Hz/50Hz
Dimensions: 479mm x 310mm x 180mm
Net Weight: 21 kg          Gross weight:  22 KG

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