Cayin 15A Tube CD Player (SOLD)

Excellent Condition (about 3 years in  age only). With Silver Face Plate.

Goggle around you are able to see alot of review. If i recall correctly, this 15A made Cayin/Spark brand famous in Europe before more CDPs are introduce. Even some European company has OEM/ODM this model

Some review i can find from internet

Come with Remote controller. (just change to a Jan Philips 6922 tube)

24bit/96kHz upsampling via Crystal CS8240 sample rate converter
Dual outputs high end vacuum tube / Mosfet cd player
Elegant VFD dot matrix display
Heavy duty chassis with thick aluminum front plate
1 pair 6922 x 2 vacuum tube rca output
1 pair Mosfet rca output
Digital filtering with PCM1732;Audio OPA2604 operational for lowpass
Philips digital servo system
High quality toroidal power transformer
Separated power supply to digital and analogue circuits
Full IR Remote control
Detachable power cord system (IEC)

FREQUENCY  RESPONSE: 20Hz – 20Khz (+/-0.5db)
S/N RATIO: 90db
VACUUM TUBES: E88CC (6922) x 2
OUTPUT INTERFACE (Digital): Optical x 1, Coaxial x 1
OUTPUT INTERFACE (Analog): RCA x 2 pairs
DIMENSIONS: 440×350×100mm(W×D×H)

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