Mistral Bow A4 Speakers (SOLD)

The BOW A4 bookshelf speaker is an attractive two way design finished in piano black lacquer. The use of deep, arc shaped cabinet sides creates a robust, rigid structure in which internal standing waves are minimised and structural integrity is maximised. This allows the speaker drivers to communicate in a natural and seamless way across a wide range of musical styles.

They are high end speakers that represent fantastic value for money when compared to other speakers at this price point

Drive units are made by Tekzone who also manufacture drivers for Dali loudspeakers.

The speakers have the best vocal that I have heard so far.  If you like the mid & high sounds, these speakers are for you.  You are likely to fall in love with the mids & highs as well as the fantastic sound stage

Speaker in perfect working condition. Cosmetic wise some minor knock on the edge on the chassis, I put it 9.5/10 (to be reserve). Other then that this pair really looks like new ! New selling around $1000+. I think still selling in market.

Product Specs :
Power Handling 80 Watts
Cabinet Piano Black Gloss
Woofer 6.5 inch
Tweeter 1 inch
Wiring Single Wire
Sensitivity (+/- 3) 88 Db
Impedance 6 Ohm
Frequency Response 48Hz – 30 Khz
Dimensions (HxWxD)mm 435 x 230 x 455
Terminals Banana plugs, spades or pins

See the below site for more information:




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